Money, Bullets and Swag to be released soon

Money, Bullets and Swag is in it's final edits and will be released by end of May!


Money, Bullets and SwagFrom the belly of a dragon comes the master of all bitch slaps.

Katashi Noburu has the world at his feet. The good-looking blond is adopted at birth by the Oyabun of a yakuza clan, the Noburu-ya, and is raised in a manner befitting a prince.

However, all of this changes when it's decided that he should be sent to boarding school. He begins to rub shoulders with Tokyo's old money and soon realises that not everyone is impressed by the offspring of a notorious gangster. Far from the fawning he enjoyed at home, and the fanciful tales of his bodyguard and nanny, Miyagi, he not only falls in love with popular classmate, Mak, but he meets his nemesis.

Rich, arrogant and destined to be a high-flyer, the spitefully handsome Hiroshi Sakai.

When their rivalry extends beyond their school years and results in international scale bank fraud, will a lifetime of resentment be the downfall of both?

Laced with flights of fancy, amorous liaisons and schoolboy humour, this is a more light-hearted tale from Yaoi creators, Katsura & Yuramei.

Money, Bullets and Swag to be released soon