Pity the Living (Yaoi Novel)

Pity the LivingPity the Living (Yaoi Novel)

by Katsura and Yuramei

Genre: yaoi, angst, drama, thriller
Authors: Katsura, Yuramei
Cover art: Yuramei
Editor: Kazuko
Language: English

Pity the Living will be released as ebook in about 10 chapters about 5000 words each for a low price.


When the drudgery of office life becomes too much for IT expert, Masami Shirosaki, he decides to commit suicide. But a timely opportunity to aid the career of the man he has stalked for years, ex-schoolmate Toshita Ayano, stops him in his tracks.

With the beautiful Toshita a temporary yet wonderful distraction in the workplace, life finally seems to be worth living.

Only one thing stands in the way of an idyllic future for Masami.

Toshita's rich and married boyfriend.

Masami, a virgin who's never even kissed a man, has one night of passion with Toshita… only to be callously rejected the following morning.

And so begins a spiral of self-pity and destruction, which ultimately ends in murder.

Can Masami and Toshita find love amidst the clutches of a controlling relationship? Or will one of them become the next target of a killer’s insuppressible hate.


Pity the Living Chapter 02 (Yaoi Novel): The Camera Never Lies

Having secured a job for Toshita in the office where he works, Masami is left with a dilemma: How can he keep the man he loves from finding out what a dork he truly is? Masami is a man with a mission.
To fill his woefully dull Facebook page with as many fake pictures as he possibly can...

Part two of Katsura & Yuramei's dark tale of obsession, hate and murder.
**Featuring excerpts from The Gangster and the Samurai, Money, Bullets and Swag, and a character interview with Kanno Sakamoto.**

Pity the Living Chapter 03 (Yaoi Novel): Heaven is in Your Arms

While becoming increasingly obsessed by Toshita, Masami's hatred of the man's lover grows.
But an episode of rejection for Toshita brings an opportunity that Masami is not about to waste...

**Featuring an interview with author, P.M. Leckie, excerpts from Stumbledirt and Big Deal Vol.1: A Pack of Jokers, and a cover reveal for Katsura & Yuramei's next novel length release, Money, Bullets and Swag.**

Pity the Living Chapter 04 (Yaoi Novel): The Devil's Leading Man

Masami has finally rid himself of his cursed virginity and expects life to change -- but Toshita has still not given up on the rich lover who promised to make him famous.
Has all that’s transpired between Masami and the man of his dreams served only as a stay of execution?

**Featuring excerpts from Money, Bullets and Swag, Big Deal vol. 2: No Honour Amongst Thieves and an adorable extra scene from the manga, The Devil’s Golden Boy.**


Pity the Living (Yaoi Novel)